Digital Business Transformation

Bring connected enterprise to life by building new forms of intelligence using IIoT, and unlock its potential. Get real-time insight into Asset and Environmental & Safety performance Transform you business.. Go beyond condition based maintenance to predictive maintenance and improve performance Use Real Time Data, AI, and Machine Learning to take proactive measures to improve permanence and reduce cost


We are emerging innovators in Internet of Things (IoT )devices with embedded software integrated with enterprise applications such as SAP, and other ERP platforms.
Our IoT device, Secure Smart Sense or 3S is compatible with any probes or sensor that has a 4/20 ma output.
We offer a guided approach to digital transformation to our clients.We are emerging innovators in Internet of Things (IoT) devices with embedded software integrated with enterprise applications.
Our innovations focus in low power, wide-area network technologies(LPWAN) that power the Internet of Things (IoT). The company was founded in 2001.
Our IoT device technology platform can bring your enterprise business process to a new level where availability of monitoring data will be in real time, so you could run your business process more pro actively. Our IoT device can provides secure connectivity between your Probes, SCADA systems to your enterprise applications.
Our IoT devices, and platform solutions can be used across wide range of industries including Environmental Compliance to meet Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Health Care, Safety & Industrial Hygiene, Waste Management, Smart Cities, Agriculture, Asset Tracking, Building controls, Government, Defense, Retail, Power and Utilities.
Bane has extensive global experience and proven track record of providing efficient solutions to our SAP Clients across various sectors.
We use a design thinking process to help identify and test your digital business model with minimal up-front investment and risk;
We can deliver solutions in Machine Learning, Smart Data Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, and Data Intelligence (AI)
Most of our consultants have over 15 + years of experience managing complex business processes in industries such as Transportation, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Power and Utilities, Supply Chain & Warehousing, Manufacturing, and NGOs such as United Nations.
Since 2017, we started offering custom Electronic Product Design, PCB Design, Embedded Systems Design, Firmware & Software programming, Prototyping & Manufacturing services covering a wide area in the Electronics domain.
Our IoT device, Secure Smart Sense ( 3S ) with SAP Leonardo cloud platform provides end to end solution to enterprises. IoT Leonardo HANA Cloud Platform can be easily integrated with clients SAP on premise systems to improve Asset Tracking (defined area, and In Transit), Health & Safety, Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act Compliances using our IoT solution . Our IoT technology infrastructure has the best secure protocols for tomorrow’s secure enterprise IoT deployments
We deliver unparalleled scalable, cost-effective, and secure IoT solutions for Enterprise Applications. Talk to us today to learn how Bane can help your organization deliver mission-critical M2M and IoT programs. Our M2M/IoT platform is the most secure in the market.