Digital Business Transformation

Bring connected enterprise to life by building new forms of intelligence using IIoT, and unlock its potential. Get real-time insight into Asset and Environmental & Safety performance Transform you business.. Go beyond condition based maintenance to predictive maintenance and improve performance Use Real Time Data, AI, and Machine Learning to take proactive measures to improve permanence and reduce cost

Environmental & Safety

Incident Management & Risk Management
Environmental Permits & Compliance
Occupational Health
Environmental Audit Management
Waste Management ( Hazardous and Non Hazardous)
Predictive Incidents ( AI)

Asset Management

Defined Area Asset Tracking
In Transit Asset Tracking
Plant Maintenance
Management of Change


Defined Area Asset Tracking
In Transit Asset Tracking
Environmental Management with IoT
Waste Water
NPDES- Monitoring using IoT


Predictive Maintenance
Machine Learning

Supply Chain Management

IoT Shipment Tracking

Full Stack BlockChain Development & Implementation

Consulting Services for Blockchain Implementation
Blockchain as A Service ( BaaS) Integration with SAP
IBM Hyperledger