Digital Business Transformation

Bring connected enterprise to life by building new forms of intelligence using IIoT, and unlock its potential. Get real-time insight into Asset and Environmental & Safety performance Transform you business.. Go beyond condition based maintenance to predictive maintenance and improve performance Use Real Time Data, AI, and Machine Learning to take proactive measures to improve permanence and reduce cost

IIOT-Oil and Gas
The IIoT ( Industrial Internet of Things) is part of Internet of Things (IoT) . The IIoT is a network of machine, devices, and objects that has sensors to collect and share huge amounts of data. To increase reliability and efficiency, and to gain other operating benefits such as reduced maintenance and improved safety, many Oil and Gas industry operators are turning to IIoT .
The two main challenges surrounding the implementation of IIOT implementation with any industry including Oil & Gas industry is the Interoperability and Security. Our Secured Smart Sense ( 3S) IIOT device is designed based on addressing these two big challenges. Our device is an easy to use, secure connectivity platform for the rapid deployment of scalable, intelligent, reliable IoT networking in remote and demanding environments and applications. Our device supports the following communication protocols.
  • USB/RS232
  • RS422/RS485
  • ZigBee
  • CAN Bus
  • 4mA – 20mA Current Loop
  • Wi-Fi /BT/BLE/Zigbee
  • LoRa/ Zigfox
  • LTE-M
The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the Oil and Gas industry enables operators to harness large volume of data sets from the myriad enterprise physical assets. By unlocking and aggregating previously unavailable or disparate data, operators can leverage the information now available to analyze and act on and to identify patterns indicative of potential mechanical failures or safety hazards. Using Predictive Analytics, condition-based maintenance, and data-driven diagnostics, operators can minimize the likelihood of Tier 1 Process Safety Events or costly unplanned downtime before a negative situation ever occurs, much less escalates. In order to improve financial performance while also maintaining critical uptime, Oil & Gas industry operators are rapidly turning to IoT technology to better manage their enterprise assets.
Talk to us today to see how you can leverage your existing infrastructure investments such as your Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems can be easily integrated with any Enterprise Plant Maintenance systems such as SAP EAM or IBM Maximo with our IIOT device. Our 3S device use SAP Leonardo as the enterprise platform for storing sensor data from the plants , and connect with your On Premise SAP S/4 HANA system for triggering subsequent maintenance steps such as generating maintenance notifications in SAP Plant Maintenance.
Predictive Maintenance for Enterprise Asset Management
Unplanned equipment downtime represents a significant challenge for oil and gas operators, adversely impacting revenue and causing increased operational costs. By using Secure Smart Sense 3S, a company can significantly reduce unplanned downtime through getting insight from predictive maintenance analytics. By Having better foresight and more detailed real-time analysis of extraction activities and transportation processes, a plant can operate very effectively & efficiently.
While predictive failure with any of your assets can dramatically reduce asset downtime, and even eliminate unplanned downtime, there will still be cases where equipment must be taken off line for repairs. With Secure Smart Sense IoT Device , real time data from the attached sensors can diagnose potential problems before they become problems, and a maintenance notification can be generated automatically. This proactive notification speed up the repair process and get assets back on line quickly. By employing rich, real-time analytics, technicians can be given ranked repair procedures that dynamically re-sort themselves as diagnostic steps are completed.
The Bottom Line
Our Secure Smart Sense ( 3S) IIoT device can transform a plant’s operational efficiency, bottom line productivity and safety for companies around the world. Through the establishment of comprehensive, real time data-driven predictive maintenance for oil and gas operators can employ sophisticated rules and machine learning to constantly adapt and tune expensive assets. Our IIoT device can provide substantial tangible financial benefits to your company by having less operational interruptions to deliver high throughput from your plant operations.