Digital Business Transformation

Bring connected enterprise to life by building new forms of intelligence using IIoT, and unlock its potential. Get real-time insight into Asset and Environmental & Safety performance Transform you business.. Go beyond condition based maintenance to predictive maintenance and improve performance Use Real Time Data, AI, and Machine Learning to take proactive measures to improve permanence and reduce cost

Enterprise Asset Management
With our (3S) SAP Leonardo asset tracking and management solutions, you can:
  • Mitigate risk and get alerts when assets are moved or other preset parameters such as Temperature , Humidity, Vibration OR Soulds are exceeded.
  • Save time, resources and fuel by tracking location, movement and status of your remote assets.
    • Tracking assets with Secure Smart Sense is easy, and cost effective. Looking to track or monitor assets that move between plants or facilities can be easily achieved using smart sense. Smart Sense can not only identify the facility or plant where the assets are located, but also can track while those assets are in transit. Bane has several uniquely cost-effective and practical solutions available.
  • Cut high cost asset tracking --Cellular-based asset tracking systems are expensive and often unnecessary for your assets that stay in a defined area, and using RFID technology or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology could be very expensive to install. With our solution, you could mix our powerful long-range system like Secure Smart Sense (3S)with GPS or BLE can minimize cost on tracking assets.
  • Track your Assets for Environmental Compliance Acts such as Clean Water Act, and Clean Air Act with the help of Secure Smart Sense (3S)

    • Our Secure Smart Sense (3S) Device is compatible with any sensor that has a 4/20 ma output. This compatibility and integration capability will enable you to track any assets that are installed in your plants. These include a wide range of accelerometer products including high temperature accelerometers, proximity probes, RTD’s, thermocouples, pressure sensors, and ultrasonic sensors. Whatever your asset monitoring needs are, Bane has a skilled team to assess your hardware, software and installation needs to ensure that you are receiving the data that you need to make an informed decision about your critical assets.
    • Our IoT device can be integrated with any slow speed readings sensors and variable speed equipment reading sensors.
  • Defined Area Asset Tracking
    • Fans, Pumps, Motors, Gear Boxes, Turbines, Tank Levels, Pressure & Flow, Temperature and More… No matter the equipment, our IoT device is able to provide you fast, reliable, and secure data. We can provide vibration as well as process information to your enterprise systems.
  • In-Transit Asset Tracking and Monitoring Track your most valuable assets that are in transit.
Connect your vehicles, equipment and our Secure Smart Sense (3S) IoT device using M2M integration technology to help improve visibility into their status and operation. Use our in transit OR defined area asset tracking solution and the smart data analytics they provide to make better, more-informed decisions, control costs and improve customer service.
Data sent from connected assets using our Secure Smart Sense (3S) IoT device will help you make timely decisions that streamline logistics and increase the availability of critical resources. Plus you can keep assets secure and in good condition. Our enterprise asset management solutions can help you accelerate your business to keep goods moving efficiently and deliveries on schedule.