Digital Business Transformation

Bring connected enterprise to life by building new forms of intelligence using IIoT, and unlock its potential. Get real-time insight into Asset and Environmental & Safety performance Transform you business.. Go beyond condition based maintenance to predictive maintenance and improve performance Use Real Time Data, AI, and Machine Learning to take proactive measures to improve permanence and reduce cost

Superior Performance in business processes can be achieved through having great strategy, which needs to be executed well, to support sustainable business growth and to add shareholder value.
Great strategy in business starts with enabling IT, as a key strategic partner, within a company, for operation excellence, leveraging value added innovative intelligent suite, and intelligent technologies, and solutions to support sustainable business growth.

See our 7 step guide for achieving operational excellence with digital transformation

Learn how leading companies and business leaders have shifted their focus away from mere compliance to proactive Risk Mitigation, Operational Excellence, and Shareholder Value by aligning with Organizational Digital Transformation Initiatives and making best use of some of the technologies such as IIoT, Digital Twin , Blockchain, Machine Learning ( ML), Artificial Intelligence ( AI), Robotic Process Automation ( RPA), and Analytics on Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) business functions to improve operational excellence, business continuity, and ultimately sustainable profitable growth of enterprise.
Companies are making substantial investments in applying digital technologies to optimize processes, operations, and performance. Research shows that at least 64% of companies have undertaken Digital Transformation projects, or plan to do so within a year.

We work with you on the very basic building blocks of transformation.

Superior, sustainable business performance is the result of great strategy, well executed.
Complexity in today’s EHS business has an acute impact at each point across the value chain, what to consider for change, how to change it or who to partner with, how to structure the business transformation and what to consider, and what not to consider during migration plan, how to manage the business process simplification with digital transformation, and how to achieve a robust, high-performing transformed enterprise are questions raised by many leaders, but we have the experience and expertise to guide enterprises on their digital transformation. We help transform your enterprise with S/4HANA intelligent suite and intelligent technologies such as IoT, AI/ML, RPA, and Blockchain.
We leverage our deep understanding of the impact of complexity on companies to diagnose and develop digital transformation programs and then drive through to results.
We are the right IIoT solution partner for you with deep domain expertise and SAP enterprise software implementation experience.

We are the right IIoT solution partner for you with deep domain expertise and SAP enterprise software implementation experience.

Our consultants have an average of 15 + years of SAP experience assisting leading Chemical, Hi-tech, Logistics & Transportation, Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, Pharmaceutical, and Manufacturing Companies implement SAP Enterprise Asset Management, Plant Maintenance, Environmental Health & Safety Management, Supply Chain Planning, Transportation Management, Quality Management, Smart Data Analytics, Machine Learning ( AI), Product Life Cycle Management, Human Capital Management, CRM, Ariba Etc.
We can add significant value with your IIoT initiatives for your enterprise’s IoT initiatives. We know the standard business process in SAP very well, and have the domain expertise with SAP software implementation expertise. We have the right IIoT device (gateway) technology, and talent to support you with our IIoT SAP Leonardo on HANA Cloud Platform. Our Cloud Platform can be integrated with on premise SAP system.
Looking to monitor and track assets OR monitor health & Safety of your employees OR to meet Clean Air Act OR Clean Water Act Environmental regulations with greater location accuracy, longer battery life, and lower cost than anything else out there? Let’s talk…we can help


Oil & Gas Industries

Environmental Permit & Compliance ( NPDES Permits) & Emissions

Combined sewer systems where both wastewater and rain water arrive at the inlet of a WWTP can be challenging. During rain events, the water volume could become greater than the plant capacity. The WWTP must report to local authorities the number of events, time period of each event, and quantity of untreated water that has been released directly into the river. A reliable system for monitoring of flow in a storm water pipe is necessary. Learn more about how to use our IIoT Secure Smart Sense 3S device could help monitor your WWTP/Outfalls with SAP Leonardo and EHSM EM in an automated fashion. Call us for a demo/discussion

Why Your Business need IoT Now ?

The Internet of Things creates opportunities for innovation, value chain enhancement and transformation. Identifying the right IoT use cases at your organization and measuring its strategic value will help your organization harness massive data of connected things for your organization, and bring Strategic Value of “Things” to your Organization and your Customers.
We can help your organization with
1: Creating a Library of IoT Use Cases,
2: Estimating the Strategic Value of those IoT Use Cases
3: and finally plotting the Strategic Value of those IoT Use Cases

What IoT Means for Your Business?

Secure your IoT platform and end points and use the valuable data they provide

What is Securing the IoT Means?

Best Practice for IoT Analytics

Build a Blue Print for IoT



The aggregation of many small things can make a very big difference. Sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) generate billions of data points that can lead to real-time insight.


  • Create Plant Maintenance Notification in SAP from sensor data for any Monitored Assets

    • Automatic Plant Maintenance Notification
    • 2- Creation of Plant Maintenance Notification after review and approval- Manual
  • Create automatic deviations in EHSM IM from sensor data for any Environmental Monitoring Parameters ( Ph, Temperature etc)
  • Monitor & Track your Waste Water Treatment Plant performance from your enterprise software suite
  • Runs on SAP Leonardo
  • Built with world class security for IoT & IIoT ( Secure Smart Sense -3S)
  • Easy Integration with On Premise SAP Systems
Transition To The Intelligent Enterprise
Get Real Time Sensor Data
Smart Data ( AI) Analytics
With Strong Security
Has Excellent Scalability
Has Excellent Flexibility